Starbucks run with madre early this AM…

“Why is are all of the parking spots taken?

Oh yeah, everybody is going to the shrine.”

…and by shrine, she means the new lulu that just opened up in downtown Birmingham!

My sister & I will be making a trip to the shrine this afternoon, of course.


Sunday, November 4th


Crossfit WOD involving pull-ups (using the red band), push ups (from the bench), and one-handed dumbbell snatch.

One hour of yoga class — Sunday Funday yoga, free at lululemon!

Half-hour long stroll through the neighborhood to listen to “This American Life,” get some fresh air, and crunch some leaves underneath my feet!


Utter paleo/lo-carb fail! Lots of dinner rolls (for breakfast), gooey butter cookies (also for breakfast), sweet potato tomatillo soup (delicious, but contains cream and sugar, so not paleo), cashews, and “meat roll”– no idea what the authentic Italian name for it is, but I will continue to call it “meat roll” because I am hilarious– fresh mozzarella rolled with prosciutto and roasted red pepper.